The Humboldt Search & Rescue Team

Humboldt County encompasses 2.3 million acres, forestlands taking up 80 percent of it, including protected redwoods & recreation areas including 680,000 acres of parkland in the Redwood Forest. Multiple mountains stretching over the 2,000 foot elevation marker, and 110 miles of coastline, boasting more than any other county in the State of California. Ranking 14th in size and 35th by population out of California’s 58 counties.

Serving Humboldt County, the Humboldt County Search & Rescue group is an all volunteer Search & Rescue unit with 35 members in squads including Ground, Mounted, and Marine.

What We Do

Searches can be planned, such as evidence searches, but many are not. The  Search & Rescue Team can be called out at any time, and it is generally impossible to pinpoint when the next search will be. Thankfully, we have amazing members of our group from all over Humboldt County. When we have been called to a search, our members gather and prepare equipment at our central meeting place in Eureka. Members living in the outlying areas of Humboldt County typically take their personal vehicles to meet directly at the search sites to allow for the quickest possible response time to our calls. 

When at a search, a Deputy from the Sheriff’s Department will be the Incident Commander, they prepare an operation plan with the assistance of the Search & Rescue team. Team members from the SAR are given assignments within their two-person groups to carry out these plans.

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How We Do It

The Humboldt County Search And Rescue (SAR) was established in 1950. Formed as a non-profit organization to support the Humboldt County Sheriff and others during their times of need. This group is able to do so by the generous support from the community members and businesses within Humboldt County.

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