What We Do

The Posse meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Monthly Posse meetings are followed by a training.  In addition to monthly training there are also monthly board meetings, weekend training, and a Posse camp out.  Additionally, there are many opportunities to work on community outreach at schools, public events and private meetings.  Posse members are expected to attend all monthly Posse meetings.

Some searches are planned, such as evidence searches, most are not.  It is impossible to guess when and where the next search will be.  We are happy to have members from all over the county.  Once we have been called to search, members meet and gather equipment at our central meeting place in Eureka.  Members who live in outlying area of the county typically take their own vehicles to searches near them to meet the squad at the site.  That allows for the quickest possible response time.

At a search a Deputy from the Sheriff’s department is the Incident Commander.  The Incident Commander develops an operation plan with the assistance of Posse members. Posse members are then given assignments as two member search teams.

Preparing for search operations


When a citizen calls the Sheriff’s Department the need is assessed and routed to a Sheriff’s Deputy who makes the decision to activate the Posse.  Posse activation is done through text messages to Posse members.