What We Do

Humboldt County encompasses 4,052 square miles, with 110 miles of coastline. Well known for the County & State parks that reside within the county lines. The Humboldt Search And Rescue team has a Ground, Marine, and Mounted unit. With these combined forces of volunteers, the SAR is able to help the Sheriff’s department cover the vast rural area that is our beautiful home.

Mounted Search & Rescue

The Mounted Unit for the SAR (MSAR) is a specialty team within the group. Using horses as their form of transportation, they are a great resource in the varying rural terrain of Humboldt County. SAR responders on horseback primarily work on search operations for missing persons, and give off road support & logistics.

At the 2021 Rodeo Fair, the SAR preps to march with the MSAR and the SAR truck towing their Air Boat.

Setting up at a search site, the Sheriff’s Mobile Command Center is the epicenter of command during the search.

At The Search

At a search a Deputy from the Sheriff’s department is the Incident Commander.  The Incident Commander develops an operation plan with the assistance of Posse members. Posse members are then given assignments as two member search teams.

Some searches are planned, such as evidence searches, most are not.  It is impossible to guess when and where the next search will be.  We are happy to have members from all over the county.  Once we have been called to search, members meet and gather equipment at our central meeting place in Eureka.  Members who live in outlying area of the county typically take their own vehicles to searches near them to meet the squad at the site.  That allows for the quickest possible response time.


When a citizen calls the Sheriff’s Department the need is assessed and routed to a Sheriff’s Deputy who makes the decision to activate the Posse.  Posse activation is done through text messages to Posse members.